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World Class Marketing English
is absolutely essential for selling internationally

If you wish to market and sell internationally your website and marketing materials must be available in perfect Marketing English.

JBS Group for Marketing and Sales EnglishEnglish is the language of international business. Living in Europe for many years I have seen thousands of web pages from companies in non-English speaking countries. From Beijing to Rome to Berlin, every company has a website. But very often, the English used on the website is not very good. In fact, a lot of it makes English speakers laugh and then move on. Poor English on a website or brochure causes most English speakers to lose interest in a company unless there is no other option for the product. Even then, the company has lost a great deal of credibility with any potential customer.

The cost of getting a customer can be very expensive. I am always amazed that so many companies will be cheap when it comes to the text for their website. They use text written by a relative, friend or employee who might speak English fairly well but this seldom results in professional marketing text that really works and expresses the best face of the company to the world. Well done professional marketing text includes; branding, positioning, storytelling, emotion and the expression of the soul of a business. Often marketing text is written by a team of experts with various skills in a professional advertising agency. Creating good marketing text in English is extremely difficult, even for a professional. It takes a combination of many talents and experience to write marketing text well. For a non-native English speaker without an expertise in marketing it is almost impossible to do this.  

Often, when websites have poor English, people will gather around at an office and laugh at the website. That is not exactly the reaction a company wants unless they are selling comedy services.   There are a number of versions of English that a professional marketing copywriter must have an expertise in; British English, North American English and International English for non-native English speakers. Each are different. The words used are often different. For instance, this text is written in International English. It is purposely written so that non-native English speakers can understand the message being presented.  
This is normally not the English spoken at an American or British university. It is much simpler and written for those whose English skills are not native. It is also written from the view of someone who is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, who understands that every culture has a different perspective on things and with respect for their cultural and language differences. An international marketing professional must have this point of view.  

My suggestion is to not economize on your website and brochure text. Do your best to make sure it is perfect in every way. This is even more important than the design of your website.   Contact me if you want your website and marketing materials to have perfect Marketing English text for whatever market you wish to sell to. I have been doing this for 30+ years and am very good at it.  

What We Do

  • Professional American, British and International English Marketing Copywriting, translation, editing and proof reading your marketing and sales text for websites, advertising and marketing materials, emails, letters, proposals, contracts

  • Branding and positioning of your products or services for English speaking markets

  • Professional photography for presenting your business in the best possible light

  • Representing and assisting you at meetings, trade shows and conference calls with English speaking customers

  • Assist you in preparing for meetings, conferences, sales trips, road shows and trade shows

  • Training and coaching for selling, understanding your customer's psyche, American style customer service and loyalty

Who We Are

JBS Group is a business advisory firm founded by entrepreneur and psychotherapist, Jon Shore in 1997.  Jon has been writing professionally for 40 years and much of that doing American and International English marketing copywriting.

We have built a business network of professionals around the world who are top specialists in their fields. For other JBS Group services please visit our website or contact us.


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Our goal is to work within your budget. Just ask and let us know.

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